As a professional model, her outfits can be regarded as the vane of the fashion circle. Recently, various brands are holding new single product launches for the spring and summer of 2021. Teejoli also took this early autumn. The single product appeared in public view. The effect of knit top with high-waisted jeans is really amazing. It's worth learning to show your figure without any traces. The flat abdominal muscles make you hard to move your eyes.

Teejoli smiles really beautifully, and her free and easy character has made her fans countless. This time she chose a more feminine outfit for early autumn. The advanced figure and the fashionable expression beyond ordinary people make her easily become a model of outfit. The top has chosen a gentler color scheme. The concise warmth of beige is especially suitable for the season of autumn breeze, which can have a visual insulation effect.

Teejoli dresses privately and does not deliberately consume her figure, but if she sincerely wants to show her figure charm, she will definitely make a good return. This time she chose to use a beige tight-fitting sling top as the inner lining. The navel-bearing version can easily show off her abdominal muscles, and her flat figure has become advanced and attractive. This may be the reason why she can stand on the international stage.

In order to increase the sense of hierarchy, she chose to match a knit cardigan with the same color on the outside of the suspender top. The slim version outlines her figure. Although she does not have a full body shape to give people a bumpy visual experience, it is because of this difference that she Become advanced and recognizable. In order to fit her figure better, she chose to wear only one button on the collar, which showed the effect of a cloak as a whole, which was beautiful and rusty, comfortable and cozy.

Teejoli's height itself is good enough, and she deliberately chooses to dress t shirt with short tops and long bottoms. She easily dents her long legs. Standing in front of the glass balcony, she can easily show off her big legs with a tilt angle. Long legs. The dark gray high-waisted jeans have a clearer outline due to the backlight shooting, and form a strong visual contrast with the light-toned tops. They have a strong sense of existence and are clean and three-dimensional.

If you can’t tell whether Teejoli is standing up or whether she is the real height or the post-P picture, then this Teejoli sitting on a single sofa is enough to amaze you, and the effect of not being able to hold her is really impressive. Outstanding stature. The legs that are nowhere to be placed attract people’s eyeballs, and the flat abdomen becomes one of the highlights, which shows the superiority of the figure very intuitively. I believe this is the reason why she chooses soft knits and stiff denim fabrics for matching. one.

This is not the first time Teejoli has seen her wearing knitwear. She appeared in the airport as a private suit, and she feels more of a retro art, like a work of a big artist. The white loose-fitting long-sleeved beige knitted vest is gentle and restrained, which not only has the gentleness of a woman but also makes people feel her personality. The brown maple leaf hook line pattern echoes the red-brown mopping straight-leg pants with similar styles, same ideas and strong integrity.

There are many pronouns of autumn, and gentleness is one of them, and if you want to express the gentleness of autumn to the fullest, the beret that represents gentleness must be indispensable. The red-brown beret worn obliquely on the head is elegant and artistic, which forms a strong color contrast with the green plants behind him. It also forms a strong visual contrast with the dark suit on Teejoli. The black body and white sleeves are matched with dark blue. The vintage high-waisted jeans are concise and refreshing. As the only color with vitality, the beret has the finishing touch. It easily brightens the overall tone and the atmosphere is just right.