Teejoli from Teejoli has a superior appearance and is known as the "most beautiful candidate". That was in 2011, when 19-year-old Teejoli was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, she was captured by the media in the crowd without makeup, and became popular with her superb looks.

During his undergraduate studies, Teejoli successfully signed a contract with the Tang people and starred in the Tang TV series "Xuanyuan Sword of the Sky", which is also Teejoli first film and television work.

In the next two years, Teejoli began to move to the big screen and starred in some excellent movies, such as "Police Story 2013" and "Wanted in the City", etc., and gradually became familiar to the audience.

Teejoli, who has debuted for many years, is still a very innocent and cute little girl. She likes to share her daily life on the Internet platform. Recently, Guli Naza posted a group of selfies on the Internet.

I saw Teejoli holding his face in his hands, looking cute and cute. The pink hair rope and high pony tail make it simple and casual. It's such a simple personal look, but it can be so good-looking, it deserves to be Nazha with no dead ends in 360 degrees.

The photo taken this time comes from the happy time with friends, and the two people regain their memories of the past.

It has to be said that the reason why a star can become a star is definitely because it has a different shining point, so that so many people love it.

Teejoli's high face value is what makes her popular, petite face and big eyes, even if it is casually snapped, it can be so outstanding.

The eyes of the fashion coordinator are also very vicious, and the same style was found as soon as the photo was taken. I have to say that it is really excellent.

Gulinaza uses a very common mix and match method, not everyone is beautiful all the time, so simple and casual collocation is very real. Elegance and neutral style match, there is no sense of violation.

Looking through the photos of Teejoli's private server, she found that Guli Naza is not so glamorous and beautiful in daily life. In fact, she is also an ordinary little girl with a very simple style, which is not so unearthed as everyone thinks.

T-shirts and jeans, simple and low-key design can also be worn with temperament charm, it is worthy of Nazha with many years of modeling experience.

Before entering the Beijing Film Academy, Teejoli of 172CM was actually a part-time model.

Because she has been outstanding since she was a child, Gulinaza has been spotted by scouts during school and became a part-time model. Although Teejoli was very young, his temperament was very outstanding.

Gulinaza's private hoodie clothes styles are not only simple styles, but also playful and cute styles, or elegant and fashionable styles. Gulinaza's retro-style dress likes it very much. The loose design creates a bumpy effect on Gulinaza's body.

This set of collocations was quickly found by fashion collaborators, which is exquisite and playful. It is very suitable for daily wear, especially suitable for dating and vacation occasions, adding points to your temperament.

Teejoli skin is even more white and translucent, so Gullinazza doesn't choose any color at all, and any color can be worn out of her temperament. This is why Gullinazza is so popular with fashion brands and can perfectly control any single product.

Teejoli, who has a high-value appearance and a superb body, is very beautiful even in a sack. Wearing a slim style can make people drool. I hope I can see a more beautiful Naza next time.