When surfing the Internet, we can see many young ladies who can dress and match. They seem to be omnipotent, good-looking and temperamental, and various talents. But in real life, we rarely encounter such people. After all, we are all ordinary people, so the matching is not so exquisite. But don't be discouraged. In fact, "random" collocation can be beautiful.

If we don't have time to always take into account the fashion, then we can use mix and match, casual and casual. So not much to say, let's take a look at mashup fashion.

The clothes in the closet are not necessarily fashionable, and there may even be some outdated items. The colors are also strange, and the styles are even more jaw-dropping. After all, it is a variety of single products accumulated over the years, and the stacking style elements are very messy.

And we need to classify these items into two types: pure color and color. Even if it is very messy, you must ensure that there are one or two pure color items, so that you can make the matching style have a sense of hierarchy and stylish personality.

Because it is a style that has been accumulated over the years, there are even student-era items in the wardrobe, which are naive and a little cute.

At this time, we can choose t shirts canvas shoes with a playful academic style. The two items already have a sense of coordination, so adding other interesting colors or styles at this time will not look too messy, but will have a sense of fashion that is mixed and matched.

So don't worry when we see the clothes in the wardrobe messy, we must first put them in different categories, and then match them according to the style elements, which can be matched with basic models or popular models, then you can get a new look.

So we can make full use of the "outdated" items in the closet, and mix and match at will not only save time, but also save money.

Of course, before we mix and match, we can take into account our own personal characteristics.

You can save time by knowing which style you are suitable for before matching. For example, a girl with a slender figure can choose a slim design, which can highlight the personal advantages of her figure. And girls with more fleshy bodies can choose a loose version to cover up their body defects.

So if you want a time-saving match, if you want to match without bothering, then you need to know enough about your body and know enough match skills.

Then you can face many single products, choose a style that suits you instantly, and go out easily.

Therefore, I want to make better use of single products and grasp fashion collocations more easily. So when we usually choose clothing items, we have to choose more basic designs, such as the popular straight-leg pants and wide-leg pants, and basic skirts. They are versatile and not easily outdated.

Therefore, some people are handy every time matching, which is derived from the integration of basic models, which makes it easier to master fashion matching and avoid your troubles of wearing.

"Mix and match" random collocation, in fact, does not limit the version and color matching, so it also leaves more room for the girls to play.

We can boldly use a variety of versions and various colors to realize our brains. It turns out that dressing and matching can have so much fun.

In fact, dressing and matching is just like the dress-up game we played when we were young, not only for beauty, but also to meet our inner needs. It is more like a game activity to get a good mood. In real life, the mashups are so much fun. They can be regarded as happy stand-alone games, which is an alternative attempt.