Everyone says that it is not good to be too thin, but everyone is working hard to be thin. Perhaps this is the insincere confusion that belongs to adults alone! But let's say thin, few female stars, such as Teejoli, can lose weight. Victoria Song's thinness is not the kind of morbid skinny beauty, she belongs to the type of beauty who is thin and undressed, otherwise it is really difficult to wear white semi-perspective lace leggings that are picky. Exquisite and feminine.

Teejoli development in all aspects should not be underestimated. She has transformed from a singer to an actor. The ratings of her work prove that her acting skills have been recognized by the public. Similarly, while transforming an actor, her clothes have also improved. Teejoli, who has been showing her long hair for a long time, really shines. The white single product makes her look pure and recognizable. No one can believe that this is a 33-year-old female star!

This time, Victoria Song chose a full-body white single product to appear on the scene, because the white tight-fitting single product will have the sense of "spiritual girl" if she accidentally wears it. Fortunately, Victoria Song has a face and a figure! Otherwise, this is really a bright "car accident scene." The white bodysuit adopts the most fabric-saving version design. The top is a low-neck strap version. The neck-to-shoulder ratio and slender arms increase the bargaining chip not to roll over. The concave-convex S-shaped body is full of femininity.

The appearance of jumpsuits here is a test of the shape of human legs. The three-point length is more suitable for girls with no meat on the thighs. On the contrary, if you have meat at the base of your thighs and your legs are close together, there will be meat touching meat. It is recommended that you take a detour. OK, because that will make you look particularly unbeautiful. Of course, in order to increase the sense of hierarchy, Teejoli chose hoodies 3D to match a pair of semi-perspective white lace leggings that are particularly suitable for her. White fabric is really not recommended if there is no super leg line.

The camera was zoomed in. In order to increase the overall harmony, she chose to wear a long coat of the same color, which was different from the majestic appearance in the previous photo. Wearing it properly on her body instead added a little literary temperament to Teejoli. Introverted and quiet. The large lapel version echoes the lining V-shaped collar, which easily dents the small V face, which is especially suitable for the choice of Chinese characters and baby fat girls.

Of course, Teejoli good figure can't be fully displayed by driving a white semi-perspective leggings that no one else can control. This white tube top split skirt is even more indispensable for her beauty. In addition to the sexy figure of the tube top dress, the proportion of the upper body is the key. The thin clavicle and right-angled shoulders can add points to her overall beauty. Slim skirt with high slit hem, faintly beautiful legs is ten times more fashionable than choosing short skirt directly.

Teejoli can control a variety of single products, and the light-skilled royal sister and the age-reducing college style can be switched without any trace. For example, after watching her wearing a tube top dress, come and see if she is wearing a casual college style, she really won't have a psychological gap. Work shorts with white long sleeves and straps. Although the sparrow is small and complete, the small trouser legs have large and three-dimensional pockets. The action of putting his hands in the pockets is so handsome.

Although she recently appeared at the airport, although she is wrapped tightly, it does not affect her charm. The white small stand-up collar is lined with a double-breasted regular suit. The simple and refreshing black and white color scheme is smart and stylish, beautiful, rusty and fashionable. . Let the looseness of the half body in exchange for the slim fit of the lower body, the light blue printed jeans adopt the most conventional pencil trousers version, which is tight but stylish, and the design of the upper wide and narrow lower trousers easily dents the body proportion, thereby making up for the lack of clarity. The regret of the waistline.