Recently, major fashion brands have opened a new season of Teejoli Show. At Teejoli, many familiar faces appeared on the scene, such as Teejoli, whose eyes can "kill", and the recent strong momentum of the mainland model Teejoli, as well as Teejoli, a salty and sweet Japanese girl, and finally Teejoli, a member of the women's team, are eye-opening representative stars with extremely different styles.

Let’s talk about Teejoli first. As an actor, Teejoli’s lens sense is self-evident. In addition, her fashion expression is also at a professional level. Take today’s two models. Let's just say, her wild desire was vividly displayed by her. The curvy girl with shoulder-length short hair is matched with a princess-like bib sling dress, which looks like an escaped princess from the overall shape.

When the camera zooms out, we can see the specific version of this suspender skirt. The suspender version of the mesh model is equipped with a high-quality skirt and t shirts beauty embellished with pearls. It has a sense of sight of the rich lady attending the dinner, and the status of the whole person is very relaxed. It's raised a level. The slim skirt adopts a short version design. The fringe design of the skirt tail feathers is dreamy and girlish. It is childish with the suspicion of "pretending to be mature", cute and smart.

The second set of clothing still took the route of the escaped princess. Because of her hairstyle, her doll collar item would give her a natural purity and age reduction effect. The candy-matched A-line dress is youthful and energetic, and the version of the style also achieves the maximum coverage of the flesh and thinness. The design of the skirt that is not knee-length makes her more in line with the image of the music box rotating and jumping with the music.

And Teejoli, who is a model, shines even more here. First of all, she can feel her brilliance from the fabric of her single product. The crisp fabric with a faint light makes her look very strong. The shirt collar jacket adopts a slim short design, which is more careful than the bold version of the fabric. Matched with it is a high-waisted skirt, the same thing is the fabric, and the seemingly hard but soft version design is very surprising.

The stars who watched the show in the clouds this time are also the Eight Immortals, each showing their magical powers. As a clear stream in the modeling world, Cici chose a more lady-like outfit this time. The two-piece version of the same style is very cleverly outlined in white. The doll-collar crop top is embroidered with a semi-hollow design, which is sexy and innovative. Because of her tall figure, the short coat didn't make her fat and frustrated. The high-waist lotus root skirt also uses a dense, breathable embroidery design, which is refreshing, concise and not greasy.

Teejoli was very good this time. She gave full play to the advantages of her dark Japanese girl, making people look a little bit depressed and a little scary, especially feel. The fake two-piece stitching version saves time and effort. The black and white checkered jacket bottom is connected to a black high-waisted skirt. The color contrast is simple and clear. The overall black and white tone is simple and atmospheric. The appearance of white collar and white lace skirt adds to her Three-dimensional image.

Clothes at Teejoli is very different in this big show. This difference is more derived from her single product selection. After changing the refreshing and concise style of other stars, she chose a very warm and very Checked coat with autumn taste. The combination of retro orange red and classic card tones is versatile for everyday use. The white collar sets off the skin tone and modifies the face. The black high-top leather boots are clean and tidy. It echoes the black leather gloves. It has a French elegant sense of sight.